Cornish Isolation



It sounds biblical but after the floods comes the plague and just like everywhere else we are being told to stay indoors. The decree comes on the Spring equinox and as it does there is a change and we head into a period of dry weather when we are itching to get outside.  Yet living here, on a Cornish cliff, is at the best of times isolated and we often walk on the beach and only see a smattering of dog walkers always well away from the two meters apart we should be. We headed down to the beach a couple of days ago and had it to ourselves, yet yesterday on Sunday there were many vehicles parked up by the popular beach at Tregantle, a video of which made the national news. The local vibe is changing too, the Cornish are asking second homers not to return to their holiday homes or bring their caravans down. Cornwall, according to one newspaper report showing how many cases there are around the country, hasn’t any cases and yet we know reported numbers are not realistic. Still we have a lot less than other urban areas, so an inviting place for many to hide themselves away, with a sea view.

The pull of Whitsand Bay is a coast without all the usual seaside public spaces, it’s just four miles of beach accessed by cliff paths. One brilliant restaurant [now closed] and a cliff top cafe, which is now selling take out coffees and breakfast butties.

It may sound like we are not taking the advice we are given about staying indoors but we are holed up in the chalet and take a daily walk around the fields that we can see around us. We wash our hands religiously and I’ve even made homemade hand sanitiser. I found a bottle of surgical spirit in the cupboard and checked a recipe online; 3 parts spirit to 1 part aloe vera gel [we have SO much of that… no, I am being serious] and add a few drops of whatever essential oil you favour. It works, although I added more aloe vera gel, we decanted it into small jars and keep one in the car.

I love the way everyone is staying connected online, I’ve just done a work out via Zoom, I have a handful of WhatsApp groups to stay in touch with family and friends and I am listening to podcasts, including one by acting students at Plymouth Uni, who have lost their final graduation show and the podcast highlights other graduates in the same position. I sometimes think I listen just to hear their voices.

Hopefully this blog will also be a way of staying touch, many friends around the world receive this and others who I do not know, but whether a close friend or stranger, stay safe and I will update next month.


Cabin Envy [isolated]

We can’t travel… but we can dream. This is Elk Forest retreat in Elk California, set inside a red wood forest and also close to the Pacific ocean @elkcaliforniaforestretreat on instagram.


About Ruth

I am an actor and theatre maker, I moved down to the SW of England 20 years ago with my partner and son. Ten years ago we bought a chalet on the Rame Peninsula and are fully embracing life of the cliff.
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2 Responses to Cornish Isolation

  1. That view lifts my heart even as a photo. We have a holiday cottage booked near Camelford for the last week in May, but it’s looking more and more likely that I won’t be getting my physical fix of Cornwall this year so I will be relying on your photos!!

    • Ruth says:

      You have set me a challenge that I need to meet. We should’ve been on holiday this week but had to stay put, thankfully the rain has stopped and we have these views.

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