Just a little crap…

As we head into that non period between Christmas and New Year and knowing I haven’t written anything for a quite a few months I thought I would use this time to put that right. In the first lock down we loved the weather, being able to walk outdoors and take some ‘time out’, but with this second tiered lockdown it doesn’t feel as welcome, there’s a tiredness and general ambivalence about social distancing it seems. My good friend, who is an actor, has had to find other work to survive and is delivering for Amazon. He says that everyone was so nice and grateful for the deliveries in the first lock down but now people are annoyed and fed up and just don’t show their gratitude anymore.

So with everything feeling just a little crap… I thought I would share these photos I’ve been holding onto. During one of our walks in summer I had been noticing the outbuildings to all the chalets here on Whitsand Bay. At Sea Field View we are in need of storage but don’t have an outbuilding like a lot of our neighbours, so I’ve been looking at what other owners have, for inspiration. What I started to notice was that the look and shape of these outbuildings were probably what was once an outdoor lavatory. When the chalets were first used they were pretty much one or two rooms for overnight stay with outdoor toilet facilities and many of these outside privies are still standing.

I am pretty certain none of them retain their original use

image: ednaandossie.com

Although keeping with the original can also still be attractive – in a glamping sort of way.

image: urigo2.com

Our shed will be used for storing ‘stuff’ until that time comes when we say ‘actually we don’t really need that do we’. A third lock down will probably allow us the time to go through it all!

About Ruth

I am an actor and theatre maker, I moved down to the SW of England 20 years ago with my partner and son. Ten years ago we bought a chalet on the Rame Peninsula and are fully embracing life of the cliff.
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