An early evening drink

As the sun was going down we went to the Wilcove Inn for a beer, Wilcove is a turning on your left as you head into Torpoint and the pub sits on a creek in the river Tamar.


It was very quiet just us sitting outside watching a solitary goose in the water


It was incredibly peaceful apart from the bird song. We sat on the bench below and listened to their calls


and we drank in the calm with our beer.

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Chilled cabin envy

The year seems to be travelling by so quickly that sometimes I’m afraid of spending time by myself just doing nothing, but…


I could so use that hammock right now…



So I could do a little bit of this…

Photos come from



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May Day


On Monday, being the first Monday in May, there will be celebrations all over the country to celebrate the end of winter, the beginning of Spring and Summer and warmer weather!!! Well we can hope. Down on the Rame Peninsula we have the Black Prince Flower Boat procession, a revived tradition that started centuries ago. The procession starts in Millbrook, with traditional maypole dancing and then, once opened by the village town crier’s proclamation,  it wends its way through the other villages until the [model]boat is launched into the sea at Cawsand Bay bidding farewell to winter. The boat is carried by six volunteers from HMS Raleigh, which is situated on the peninsula and they are followed by town criers, dignitaries in their finery, morris dancers and locals dressed for the occasion in red and white. Businesses and houses decorate their buildings with flowers and greenery and everywhere looks really pretty.

The procession takes up most of the day with the Millbrook section in the past starting with the maypole dancing at 10am and the procession starting to move around 10.30. It aims to get to Kingsand at around 2.30 and then the grand finale at around 4.30.

A few years back BBC Countryfile named the Black Prince Flower Boat one of the top 10 May Day events

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Cornish daffs


As you drive through the village of Anthony and head towards Whitsand Bay the road takes a steep turn to the left as you leave the village. Driving through at the beginning of the week I caught a glimpse of yellow lines through my peripheral view. At the next available stopping place I parked the car and walked back. Yes a field of Cornish daffodils which, had the gate not been open, would have remained hidden tucked in at the back of the village. Oh to have that view from your back window!


Daffodils are normally a sign that spring is finally here but this winter they have been cropping up since November! Further south in the county where temperatures were a good 5 degrees higher than the rest of the country people have been spotting daffodils arriving a month early. At the Clowance Estate they normally see them in mid December but this year they arrived in November because of the very mild weather conditions at the end of 2015. The estate, once the home of the St Aubyn family, is in Praze-An-Beeble… what a fantastic name… meaning ‘meadow on the river Beeble’, it lies inland south of Cambourne.


I always look forward to travelling around SE Cornwall at this time of year to see the rows of flowers spread out across the countryside like a patchwork quilt. I hadn’t seen as many this year so even though they had been coming up early elsewhere it was good to see this field, at this time to herald the spring… even if they were hidden.

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Woodland cabin envy

I normally wouldn’t go for a corrugated roof but under all those trees I reckon there wouldn’t be much rain bouncing off it. Love the little verandah, love the large window.

cabin by scampion on Flickr

Photo by Scampion on Flickr

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Easter break


We had an Easter break, we left the chalet in the safe hands of friends and headed towards the sun for a bit of ball on glove action at the Los Angeles Dodgers. We watched some pre- season friendlies before the Major League Baseball season got underway and then this coming week I will be homeward bound to Yorkshire to perform my baseball inspired show in my old home towns. So it was a research trip, of sorts!

We left in what only can be described as wet and windy weather and have returned to pretty much the same, we had a morning of sun today but the winds and rain came in from the west and it doesn’t feel like we’ve moved another month closer to summer at all. Los Angeles was in the eighties and although in the midst of a drought on our last day it was cloudy and wet… I reckon it was the weather gods letting us down gently for what was to come.



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Blue skies over the back lane


Heading down the back lane towards the chalet with blue skies and fluffy white clouds and as I drove down I could see that the hedgerows had been given a hair cut leaving tantalising glimpses of the fields beyond. To be honest they are not hedgerows at all, as the main part is wall and over the years nature has claimed them, but I haven’t a name for this alternative – is there one? These walls are one of the features of small Cornish lanes and as you head further down this one it starts to get narrower so when meeting another vehicle coming in the opposite direction it can cause a stand off until one will reverse to the nearest convenient passing point. That is unless the second vehicle is a tractor and then you have to cow tow (spelling?) to their size and status. Sometimes you can see the tractor tyre marks that run flush to the walls and it makes you wonder whether the road was built just to snuggly fit the tractor. Friends who come down from London, you know those people who drive like people do in the capital, itching their way forward to be let in or cutting in and out of the lanes of traffic, tend to use their car horn nervously to announce their presence to oncoming traffic, especially on the blindspots. And, it’s always easy to spot the locals from the visitors because they know the lane so well they can anticipate the twists and turns and therefore drive a lot faster.


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