Cabin Envy bothy



This is Sweeney’s Bothy which can be found on the Hebridean island of Eigg, apparently Britain’s most eco-friendly island, well so says The Guardian. The bothy comes with fair trade bedding and towels; a wool duvet and mattress topper; organic & biodegradable toiletries and cleaning products [compost loo], plus it generates its own electricity.

Sweeney’s Bothy is one of three that are part of The Bothy Project, providing week long residencies. This happens for six months of the year and the other six months they are available for public rental. If you book the bothy you get picked up from the ferry and returned, after what must be a completely secluded break.

It reminds me of these Nordic cabins for artists I posted a while back

A friend sent me a link to some cabins in Wales just as I was putting together this post from Scotland, yet there seem to be similarities Here’s the link  – they were all winners of a competition to create cabins based on Welsh traditions.

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Plastic free


Penzance has been awarded Plastic Free Status by Surfers Against Sewage which is fantastic news and hopefully one that will kick start other towns and villages to do the same.

The five targets the project has hit to achieve Plastic Free Coastline Status.

Strategic: Approaching bodies like Penzance Town Council in order to tackle single use plastics at a strategic level

Business: Lobbying and encouraging local businesses to ban single use plastics or switch to sustainable alternatives

Communities: Engaging with and encouraging other communities, groups and organisations to take action on single use plastics

Education: Rolling out ‘Plastic Free Schools’ across Penzance

Positive Action: Holding beach cleans, fundraisers and other awareness raising events.

Surfers Against Sewage have got guidelines for communities that take you through each step so the whole doesn’t feel too large. Some steps are small and simple and ones that we can get behind, it’s about rethinking our throw away plastic culture.

We can start by saying we will buy plastic free Christmas presents and in the new year lets make resolutions that include curbing our use.

We can start by adding our names to online petitions and here is the Avaaz one to end Plastic pollution – click here


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Number One Cornish beach





I found this post on The Cornish Life that had a run down of the top Cornish beaches; in a nutshell different bloggers had sent in their top 5 beaches and the results were put together. Instead of five beaches in the final countdown there were many shared spots, which of course is understandable as people’s preferences are totally subjective. It was interesting to look at them all and nice to know there was only one I hadn’t been to. Most are long sandy beaches [no pebbles for these bloggers] and on a sunny day all could rival anywhere else in the world. Many a time I have looked down at the turquoise waters of [my absolute favourite] Porthcurno from the cliffs above at the Minack theatre and been blown away by the colours of the so so white sand and the green blue water. When teenage son was very young we spent five consecutive summer holidays in a holiday cottage along from the Minack Theatre and loved exploring the different beaches from Porthcurno along the south west coast path around Lands End to Sennen [joint third on the list]. Porthcurno, for anyone interested, came second on the list to be pipped at the post by Gyllngvase in Falmouth, known as Gylly by the locals. We happened to be there on the August bank holiday earlier this year, one of the sunniest days of the summer, and it was packed. This beach is so easy to access and there’s a choice of restaurant and cafe plus calm sea for swimming. It really did feel like the south of France when we were there. Funnily enough we had to return the following weekend for a totally unrelated reason and the weather had turned. Wet and windy with a sea mist we braved a walk along the front only passing dog walkers. Such a difference but so nice when you have the beach pretty much to yourselves.




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Cabin envy garden studios

Our garden studio [actually a garage cum storage space] has been leaking in the wet weather so we’ve had to have that seen to and have windows replaced. We are not minimalists and always have stuff that needs storing for ‘that time when it will come in useful’ and a dry place is important. The wooden cladding along the side has also started to rot so I’ve been looking at other ‘garden studios’ for inspiration.

Since we painted our chalet black I’ve been interested in other buildings in the same colour and these cabins tick the box. I love the pillars above, they give the cabin a sense of grandeur. Below is a self build and I love the 1930’s Crittall steel windows. Both cabins have doors and windows in a similar colour to the walls which blend together seamlessly. Black looks great in a garden location because it works so well with green. When we looked at colours to paint the chalet we checked the local council recommendations which were green, brown and black to blend in with the colours of the cliff and the surrounding fields.

I’ve posted this image below before because I really like the ivy clad walls, although it’s not an option I would use, keeping on top of all that clipping and cutting but the black windows really stand out against the green of the ivy.


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The sea bin

Watch this video and begin to have hope that we can start to tackle the plastic pollution in our oceans. If you are in the UK Radio 4’s You and Yours just did a section on Sea bins and it will be up on the i player soon.

Plus you have 4 days left to sign a petition for a plastic bottle deposit scheme here 


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Autumn Apple Fest

I share an allotment with mad friend and every plot has an apple tree, each year we collect apples and windfalls which become stewed for pies and crumbles, chutneys and jams. Then last year mad friend got a juicer and spent most of the autumn making apple juice. So a few weeks ago I suggested we go along to an apple festival to see how other apple growers use up their fruit. Yesterday we headed up the Tamar Valley line from the railway station opposite mad friend’s house and ten minutes later we were in Bere Ferrers – in the Tamar Valley. At one time Bere Ferrers and its neighbour Bere Alston were at the heart of the market gardening industry in the South West and trains would run from there taking the produce all the way up to London. At the station you can still see the old railway lines and turning circles that would then head up the line to Tavistock.

We had collected around two and a half kilos of apples, which him indoors carried on his back, and I had a selection of empty bottles. On arrival at the village hall there was already a trailer full of different varieties so we added ours and got our bottles filled with the freshest of juice which looked like amber nectar. There was an apple pie competition and all manner of games like, who could make the longest apple peel, plus stalls selling apple related goods including apple trees to buy. The best part for me was the identification of apple types [ours were called Jupiter] and on a shelf, that ran the width of the village hall was a line up of around 30+ apples, all named with a small biography.  We also noted from a table that identified diseases and problems that a second tree, which overhangs our plot, has a spot of sooty blotch, this can happen in warm wet summers, so… that will be this summer then.


It was reassuring that the blotch was not detrimental to the fruit, which can still be eaten. It was brilliant to have that question answered so that next year we can include them and bring along to make more juice. It was a great day out and made us more determined to continue to grow our own and use everything up.

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Writers Hut Cabin Envy


It’s been a whirlwind of a fortnight since my last post, I need to take stock and tackle Autumn projects and writings. This writers hut was submitted to Cabin Porn by Fraser Grace, and the only Fraser Grace  I know of is a playwright. Can we assume this is his cabin, his writers hut? The short text on the cabin site claims that the many windows create a lot of light and when the light goes there is a wood burning stove and oil lamps to make it cosy. The land in front he plans to be a vegetable garden – I do hope he re submits a photo when that happens.

Talking of writing, I was amazed to see myself on this list of female writers, it’s given me a spur to sit down at my desk and develop something new.

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