Cabin envy for book lovers



A guest house cabin kitted out with 1,000 books in up state New York, called “Hemmelig Rom,” which means “Secret Room” in Norwegian.  One room; a wood burning stove; sheepskins and 1000 books…nice.  You can see more at the Huffington Post  here


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Our View

Our very good friend came over from the U.S and stayed in the chalet, fortunately the weather was indian summer like so he almost felt at home [he lives in Hawaii]. He enjoys making art on his iPhone while he’s on the go and made this as he sat and looked at the view.

Processed with Snapseed.

Image by Vincent Green.

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Cabin envy: potting shed

I was pointed in the direction of this beauty by a friend, it ticks a lot of my boxes, and, of course, she knew that. Okay so it may only be a potting shed but it’s made out of recycled windows and to make something that useful and that attractive out of second hand goods gets my vote. A potting shed is usually a wooden structure, this is like a potting shed and greenhouse all in one. I just wish we had the space for one but then, here on the cliff, it would be used as another room not just for potting plants.


The picture comes from the Facebook page Two Women and a Hoe and the photograph is by Kathryn Day Buckley

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Penlee Point

We did one of our weekend walks with Mad Friend and dog[s] – she was puppy sitting for a neighbour, a cute little thing half Jack Russell, half Shih Tzu so it tickled me that it went by the name of a Jack Shi [t]. We parked in Cawsand carpark and headed out on the SW Coast path towards Rame Head. The beginning bit of the walk is woodland with glimpses of coast through the trees but then, when you reach the top of the incline, you get the pay off as the coastline opens up and you get the full view of Rame Head in front with Plymouth Sound behind and the coast stretching out into South Devon. We stopped to take it all in and then headed down the cliff for a bit and came across an old folly, known as Queen Adelaide’s Grotto [and/or Seat]. Adelaide was wife to King William IV who, as the third son of George III was never expected to take the throne, which he did at the age of 64. He was known as the Sailor King because he spent most of his youth in the navy; captain of the frigate Pegasus he spent time in Plymouth at the naval base, in fact the Royal William Yard which I mention often is named after him, built as a naval victualling yard it is now a thriving hub of restaurants and bars. But what a lovely folly to find and to sit in its arched doorways and look at the views was magic.

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Fav summer things


So schools are back and the weather is erratic yet we are expecting some warm humid air still to come in from North Africa. A couple of weeks back we spent five very warm and humid days at the Edinburgh Festival where we were crammed into cellars, attics and containers with no air conditioning and we watched performers loose their own body weight in sweat. I look back on my summer of outdoor events, so many lovely days and nights with a gladdened heart; I would much rather place a blanket around my shoulders outside than hit a wall of sub-tropical heat as you walk into a venue at 10pm. I have been to a mixture of village fetes and large scale festivals to outdoor Shakespeare at the Royal William Yard in Plymouth, but my favourite summer fare was Fup, a lovely show by Kneehigh and O Region with the most expressive duck puppet. We also spent a few mornings up at Maker Canteen eating their magnificent breakfasts and an amazing Sunday Lunch plus I love the view from their window of seed heads against the corrugated walls of the old nissan huts. Eating modern fresh cooking inside an old historical building is such a good match. But, now its all over and we have to wait for another year…although…hmmm, I think there’s some outdoor cinema at Royal William Yard again, so I will be getting the blankets out and hoping for an Indian summer.

Photo of Fup by John Cannon (festival buddy and chalet guest)

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Protect 30% of our Oceans

Today I received an email from Avaaz telling me that…
“Our oceans are collapsing, with vast disturbing dead areas reported to be expanding in the Pacific. But hope is also rising, with more ocean protected last year than ever before!

This week could decide whether collapse or conservation wins the race. Scientists say if we conserve 30% of our oceans, that will be enough to regenerate the rest — and this plan is actually on the table at the powerful World Conservation Congress, which starts today!

Countries with fishing lobbies like Japan are opposing the plan, so it’s up to us to bring a massive counterweight of people power. This could be the tipping point for our oceans — let’s send 1 million voices to save them straight into the summit.”

For those of you who read this blog please think about signing this, with plastic pollution a huge problem in our seas and for the wildlife and unwanted dumping, which we know a lot about off our little coast I think this message is very important.


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Summer cabin envy

Hawaii Mark McInnis

Colarado B. Winsett

Francis Lake Yukon Eric Hegsted

So this lot are a selection from Cabin Porn [seeing the book again at Port Eliot took me back to the site]. They all have that DIY touch that I like, but equally I am looking at the surroundings. The log cabin, with dog, is in Francis Lake, Yukon, Canada, the woodland one is in Colorado and the seaside is from Hawaii!!! I would never have put a clifftop view like that in the islands I would love to know if any of my Hawaii friends recognise that stretch.

Yukon, Eric Heisted :: Colorado, B. Winsett :: Hawaii, Mark McInnes

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