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The bay looking towards Rame Head on Saturday 5th January

When I started this blog six years ago it was to get an online presence for a holiday let but since downsizing and living here full time it’s made me question what the blog and all other online activity is for, and I’ve been asking myself since the start of the year what I should now be writing on this platform. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy writing the blogs and love finding cabins that fulfil my cabin envy but I don’t need to send out as many posts to garner interest as a business. So in the future you may not get a post emailed as often as in the past but when you do, they may be slightly longer and more detailed and, hopefully, seasonal. I will still highlight the important stuff like plastic pollution and send through pics of wonderful cabins but the ‘lifestyle stuff’ that draws potential guests to your site, may be reduced.


Cornwall Performance

I will be performing my first solo show that I made back in 2013 at the Old Bodmin Library. Coffee with Vera is a solo performance in the form of a coffee morning and the old library building in Bodmin is a perfect fit, the auditorium has both a performance area and a cafe so I will be preparing my brownies and blondies and heading 40 minutes down the A38. The library has just been turned into an arts centre for the community and I am so happy to be appearing in the first season.

Coffee with Vera The Old Library Bodmin

Thursday 7th February @ 3pm 

Tickets £7 [includes coffee and cake!]

More Info click here


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A chalet Christmas




Everything Christmassy at the chalet gets downsized, the tree, the decorations and even the cards, which are less and less each year; the mince pies are bite size and the cake is small, partly because we have other goodies like panettone and German Lebkuchen which folk seem to prefer.  We will knuckle down with a jigsaw and switch the fairy lights on and if its dry on the day itself we will venture out onto the beach [low tide 13.30] and wish everyone we see season’s greetings.

I hope that 2019 will be more peaceful for all, here in the U.K  we will be starting the year with an almighty Brexit argument that will only get worse so I say make the most of the holiday and try to bite your lip when the family take sides. Wherever you are, if you receive this post by email or are reading it somewhere online have a very good time.

See you on the other side.

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Cabin Envy Great Lakes Cabin


Here is a cabin that is a flat pack inspired by Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of Ikea. It’s called the Great Lakes Cabin and has been designed by Leckie Studio for the Backwater Hut Company and will be featured at the 2019 Toronto Interior Design Show. 


What a thing of beauty, mind you the thought of erecting it sends shivers down my spine, I would find it hard enough to put together a Billy bookcase or an Ikea kitchen never mind a whole building. The assembly is supposed to be done as in traditional barn raising techniques which calls to mind that amazing scene in the film Witness where the Amish community build the barn together raising it in, what seems like minutes. That’s the power of film of course the reality could/would take much longer. The upside of all this is that the cabin can be built in remote areas with minimum environmental impact and I just love the colour of the trees in this setting and the reflection in the water below.

More information and image source from Design Boom 



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daily commute

Ferry: Devonport 17:31 Over 45min delay if joining lanes now

Ferry: The 06:30 service from Torpoint left early due to an emergency ambulance.

Ferry: 16:37 One ferry service due a mechanical failure, long delays at both sides, updates to follow.

In our forgotten part of Cornwall if you need to get across the water to Plymouth and the rest of south Devon via the A38 [and eventually the M5] you use the Torpoint Ferry. Usually three ferries run during the rush hours and then a two ferry system the rest of the time making availability every 15 minutes. It runs 24 hours 356 days of the year and is a life line for many particularly when in need of an emergency vehicle. Unfortunately since September one ferry has been away in Falmouth being serviced and we’ve had to rely on the two remaining which, when technical problems occur, means we can be down to one. This solo journey is normal overnight when one goes back and forth every half hour but it has been happening whilst one of the two remaining ferries has had some recurring problems. Its made the usual 8 minute crossing become a long commute with waits of up to an hour on both sides of the water.



So we’ve been looking for alternatives, him indoors used to walk to work when we lived in Plymouth and is missing the exercise, so we looked at what we could do.

The Cremyll Ferry is a foot ferry from Mount Edgecombe which is ten minutes from us and crosses the water to Stonehouse, a couple of miles further into town than the Torpoint site. As it’s a foot ferry it means we park at Cremyll and have to walk into town, which covers him indoors’ exercise and… it takes pretty much the same amount of time as the Torpoint route, particularly at the moment with long delays. Only downside is the winter timetable is shorter, therefore less crossings so the last boat back is 6.45, but in terms of a daily commute it’s perfect and stress free.



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Field mushrooms x2


Can I just thank followers Shazza and Rip, who contacted me to say the mushrooms highlighted in my last post should be edible and even included tasting tips, I am very grateful to them. Since that post I have noticed many more mushrooms sprouting up in the field outside the chalet and then I saw my neighbour passing by with a bowl, my neighbour who has lived all her life on the cliff.  I watched as she went into the field and started picking the mushrooms so I stopped her and asked how she knew they were edible, “I just know, I’ve always picked them, grew up picking them” and pointing to the fields beyond she said “they used to be covered in mushrooms until they were dug over for daffodil bulbs”. So there you have it, there have been mushrooms growing on the cliff fields for years so I just need to get out there with my bowl before my neighbours get them all!!

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field mushrooms?


I went away up north for a working week, glorious weather and a wonderful catch up with friends amongst the working days. When I returned the garden was running rampant with nasturtiums, I have had some in the garden since the beginning of summer but they do take over and they found the pile of hedge cuttings we had put against the fence and have basically crawled all over them and the path. I don’t mind as it hides the twiggy mess but will have to watch out that they don’t self seed too much. I think I’m fighting a loosing battle! The other thing I noticed in the garden on my return were three mushrooms growing in the lawn. This is a first and I was quite excited so picked them and brought them in, they looked like field mushrooms but I wasn’t going to just slice, cook and eat. We made that mistake once before, quite a few years back and although we didn’t poison ourselves the mushrooms we picked were inedible, you couldn’t even get a knife through them. After that experience we bought a book, Mushrooms by Roger Phillips, considered to be Mr Mushroom in the U.K.  We got the book to help us on our foraging but needless to say we have NOT picked any mushrooms since, until now.


The thing is, in the book they really do identify as Field Mushrooms but then again… could they be Agaricus semotus; or Yellow Stainer; or Agaricus pilatianus all of which are poisonous. The more you look online the more you think it’s okay, but then in the book the three poisonous possibilities look far more similar than those online. Aaaggggghhh.   I love the fact that nature has given us something on our doorstep, we have already picked copious amounts of blackberries and converted them into blackberry gin for Christmas and to just pick a mushroom and have it on toast for breakfast would be a thing of beauty – so I need to find out if these can be eaten, if anyone can help let me know. They look right and in my heart of hearts I think they are edible but…


I threw them on the compost!!!

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channel view


This is my neighbour’s chalet available to rent very reasonably via airbnb or Visit Rame  It sleeps four comfortably and has amazing views of the sea and fields beyond. There is a driveway for your car and a large garden alongside the chalet so you could even pitch a large tent!! Though you would have to check with them first!! Anyone who follows this blog should take a note of the links to this chalet and come and see the Rame Peninsula at first hand. Some positive pointers about the area…

  • The Rame Peninsula is known as the Forgotten Corner of Cornwall, meaning it’s less crowded than the north coast or parts of the south, yet it’s a good place to base yourselves to visit all the crowded ones.
  • People say they return because nothings changed since they were kids, which is why they bring their own children now. There is nothing but sand, sea, [some surf] and rock pools.
  • The bay is a dog friendly beach all year round so you can bring your beloved pet with you, it’s on the South West coast path and there are some great walks.
  • There is a fantastic cafe, the Cliff top Cafe, at Treganhawk cliff open everyday until 4pm and for an amazing meal out there is The View, the set lunch is great value.
  • The sun is still shining and it still feels like summer.

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