What a difference a day makes

After three weeks of constant rain where the drizzle just sits over you and it feels like you’re living in a weather bubble, on Sunday the rain clouds drifted away and the sun returned and what a difference it made to the bay. Side by side, above, it looks like the photograph on the right was taken in black and white, but that was the view throughout the wet weeks and this weekend, for a small window, the colour returned. Not for long though the grey has returned alas.


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Cabin Envy: Beaver Brook


Some of you will know that I have cabin envy and post pictures up from time to time of cabins that I would happily stay in, many coming from the Tumblr blog called Cabin Porn. The creator of the Tumblr blog is Zach Klein, who was also a founder of Vimeo, so you could say, something of an entrepreneur and, he also owns a piece of woodland that he calls Beaver Brook, a place or retreat with cabins where he goes to live off grid with his friends.


There’s an interview with Klein here and he has also brought out a  Cabin Porn  book so I’m thinking Christmas, presents, something for the chalet…who knows!!!


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Warm and wet

After a couple of glorious weeks of weather being stupidly hot for the time of year we have now had ten days of constant rain. The temperature has still remained uncommonly high for the time of year although in the last 24 hours we have had a chill that is more like that for the time of year. The sea mist and the rain that comes down horizontally covering the cliff, makes the view invisible and it often feels that we are within a weather bubble.

The warm autumn has had a significant effect on the garden. The nasturtiums have become triffids, snaking their way through and over all the other plants; you might be able to peek at some grasses underneath but quite a few are smothered. The weather hasn’t been nice enough to be out there pulling them back and I’m hoping that the new cold spell may take its toll.




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Port Elliot Festival 2016 tickets now on sale


Port Elliot Festival 2016 will run from July 28th – 31st next year and early bird tickets are already on sale. Take a look as it really is a lovely way to spend a long weekend over the summer. Think literature, food, music, comedy & food; spoken word, hair and fashion & food; creative workshops, wild swimming and more food, even foraging for food. But seriously, food aside there is something for everyone of every age in an amazingly beautiful setting where for 3/4 days you can forget about living in the modern, instant, we want it NOW world and relax and enjoy the timelessness of Port Elliot, in our forgotten corner of Cornwall. For my blog about this years festival click here


For more blogs about previous Port Elliot Festivals click here



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Winter Coat


After a couple of wonderful Sundays weather wise, clear blue skies and temperatures reaching 20 degrees, (how can that be on November 1st) we have given the chalet a new coat for the winter. It took no time at all and the sun dried the first first coat in minutes so as it was low tide we were able to take in a beach walk as well as an added bonus. Let’s just see it from a different angle…


We spent the whole day outside painting, eating on the deck and walking on the beach in shirt sleeves, it was as good a day as any there were in the summer holidays. Good times.

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Black Chalet

I have noticed that quite a lot of chalets have had new coats of paint for the winter and it’s something that we have been pondering over for months. After wandering around the cliff looking at the colour of other chalets checking which colours suit which window frames etc we checked out the official guidance to painting your chalet on the Cornwall.gov.uk website. We had been mulling over cream versus aquamarine when we had a complete turnaround. Having been fans of the Scandinavian black summer houses for many years ( included on my chalet envy posts) we were really pleased to see that black was included in the colours we were allowed to use.  In fact darker colours are preferred so that the chalets can blend with the natural colours of the landscape (in particular for those actually positioned on the cliff). Some of the colours have fantastic names seaweed; vandyke; turtle; beaver; rhino; chive; grey friar; juniper; mouse grey and raven, all British standard colours.


So, a few weeks ago we tentatively started to paint the back of the chalet which is not overlooked by neighbours and got really excited by the outcome. Now we are hoping for some dry Autumn weekends to gradually move around to the front and by next Spring we will be welcoming people to our new black  chalet, inspired, of course by Derek Jarman’s Prospect cottage at Dungeness20151017_114944

The gravel garden still has a way to go and we are going to have to conquer the weed crisis but some chalet guests have had fun arranging beach finds in amongst the grasses.


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She Shed cabin envy

My friend in Hawaii sent through a link to the Huffington Post who have an article about ‘she sheds’ and there were some lovely examples.




Here are just a few but you can see the full compliment of she sheds here and a big thanks to Joyce for fuelling my cabin envy.

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