Blue fin tuna washed up on the Rame Peninsula

Find out how a rare Bluefin Tuna, washed up dead on a Cornish beach, has been used by researchers from the Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) at the University of Exeter to add to our understanding of this incredible animal.

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Pinewood Cabin envy

From Plymouth U.K to Plymouth Massachusetts

A good buddy of mine, who used to live in the South West and is now in Nottingham, knows my love of all things cabin and sends me photos and links to sites on a regular basis. Her last link made me sit up because of where it is…Plymouth Massachusetts. I believe there are over 50 Plymouth’s around the world, some, and in particular Plymouth Massachusetts, being named because of the original settlers who set off from Plymouth in the south west of England on the Mayflower.

Pinewoods is a traditional music and dance camp in twenty-five acres of beach wood with clear water lakes for swimming. Lee Ann (said friend) remembers going there on family vacations when she was a young girl. Looks like a really cool place to me and its got 36 cabins!!

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Seville orange vodka


The 2015 orange vodka in the kilner jar with the 2014 orange vodka bottled ready to drink.

When we have chalet guests I always like to leave a homemade gift, usually a jar of marmalade. Each January mad friend and I make the marmalade and she always adds a batch of orange vodka. Having tasted it in 2013 I was hooked and all you need is sugar, oranges, vodka and a large kilner jar. Quarter the oranges, pack them into the clean jar adding sugar in layers and then pour the vodka over. Shake daily to allow the sugar to mix with the alcohol (mad friend warms her with some liquid, I leave near a radiator) and then, preferably, leave until the Autumn.  I decanted last years batch in October and bottled it for Christmas pressies. We had Christmas dinner just gone at my brothers and we ended up sampling the orange vodka alongside his raspberry gin and blackberry whiskey! They all went down a treat. The best bit is once you’ve taken out the oranges you can then use them for Orange Vodka Marmalade, double whammy.


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Winter cabin envy

We hear that today (Tuesday) may be the last mild(er) day as temperatures drop and winter weather heads in. This cabin in Colorado looks like it’s been in the thick of it. Sea Field View is insulated to the rafters with overnight storage heaters and is lovely and toasty no matter what’s happening outside, so as long as the freezer is stocked we can carry on.


Photo by Josh Deiss, Topo design

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Bottle Top Chain Campaign

The Bottle Top Chain Campaign is part of a community project that aims to clean up our beaches and raise awareness about the damage being done to the oceans by plastic pollution. Rame Peninsula Beach Care have a created a community who regularly clean the beaches around Whitsand Bay, Kingsand & Cawsand and have a Facebook page that keeps us up to date with all things to do with marine conservation. They are currently collecting plastic bottle tops left on the beaches and they estimate they have collected over 13,000 in the last few months since they started. If you are heading to the Rame Peninsula for a beach walk or for a spot of beachcombing this weekend (or at any time) please take a bag not only to collect any debris washed up on the beach but to see if you can add to the bottle top campaign and please depose of any rubbish responsibly.

For more info

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Rocky beach

We arrived at the beach a couple of hours before low tide so were unable to access other bays. Sometimes during the year and especially in winter the low tide is still quite high and the full expanse of the bay is still cut off. So we pottered about our local beach noticing the differences.

imageDuring the summer this is a sandy beach at Freathy with small pebbles and rocks closer to the cliff face but during winter, when the tides sweep the sand away, the look is totally changed and much larger boulders are revealed.

imageWe were pretty much alone on the beach, just two other women taking photographs. I wrote a message in the sand for people to read as they came down the cliff path.




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No snow

It amazes me how people can walk around in shirt sleeves in January (see previous post) and I know the weather is all over the place at the moment but I miss seeing snow in the months one should see snow. In our former life up in Yorkshire we would have had a fall of snow on Boxing day I believe. I know we may still get it in April, just in time for Easter and another record will be broken but until then I will look at pictures of snow laden cabins and wish. Yes I know, be careful what you wish for and if we are snowed in at Sea Field View and the back lane is impassable I will curse the day I said this… but heh ho


I love this one, it sort of feels like it’s being held together with lots of different bits and pieces but that is its beauty.


Not sure whether this is a full on living space or the garage for something much grander but an upstairs room with something parked below for a quick getaway is always welcome in bad weather.

All pictures come from Cabinology on Tumblr

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