Today’s beach find


We came across this heart made from rubbish found on Freathy beach. Someone had created it and made sure it would not be taken by the high tide by placing it on the stones out of the waters reach. It’s rather beautiful don’t you think.

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Cabin envy holiday

Its getting close to the holiday season and I am looking forward to heading off to warmer climes after teenage son has finished his exams. To get us in the mood here is a holiday cabin envy. I love the blue of the sky, the whitewashed walls, the painted ladder, the colour of the shutters and I especially love the curtain in the doorway.


Image P. Massey Home & Garden

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The sand returns

I have mentioned before how the winter tides take the sand from the beach revealing the rocks and stones.

Heres the beach at Freathy a couple of months ago with the rocks exposed


and now here it is with the  sand returned


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On a recent beach walk we found lots of little sticks of driftwood being thrown onto the beach with the incoming tide. Worn smooth over time we filled our pockets with as much as we could and took them home. We dried them out in the garage and here they are, in a bowl on the chalet table.


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Cabin envy: garden shed

In our last house we inherited a garden shed and when we investigated we found countless jam jars of screws and nails plus post war garden tools and implements. I still have the watering cans but left the shed and tools in extremely capable hands.

I love this picture from The Potting Shed, it sums up all that I think a garden shed should be. If you click on the link here there are details of the plans that were drawn up for this potting shed, the neatness of the inside and the precision to detail.  My favourite cabin envy s are usually rough and ready, I like something looking lived in and sometimes ‘put together’ but this ticks so many boxes too. I no longer have a garden shed but have an allotment shed which is literally falling down and nothing has a place but, when the allotments change hands down here, they clear the sheds and any tools get sold at ‘silly’ prices, so I’m happy to say that I’ve got back some old fashioned hoes for a £1 each to add to my watering cans.

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new beach finds

Couple of things we found on our beach walk, actually teenage son spotted this


then him indoors found this


as we weren’t sure what it was we laid it on the deck when we got home and I took some more photos. I positioned the camera on the deck, pointed it and took this


that rusty old bit of metal has some amazing colouring up close! Still not sure what it is though.

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Back On the Cliff

I’ve been away for a few weeks, hence the weekly and sometimes more than weekly posts. I’ve been touring the south west with a performance in development with Dreadnought South West who I posted about here and here in 2013. If you are interested in the theatre development I’ve been involved with you can read about the process here.                          I’ve managed intermittent journeys back to the cliff over the last few weeks which is a riot of yellow at the moment with the gorse at its best. 20150419_141749 A hand rail has been installed at Freathy, which is fantastic particularly for the way back up. The steps were dug out a couple of years back when there was subsidence after the very wet winter. Apparently this had been the path years before and the steps were just overgrown with brambles. Not many of the cliff paths have handrails so believe me if you visit the beach you will be very happy with the aid of the hand rail to pull you back up. 20150412_170621

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