Cabin Envy tiny house


Whether wheels or stilts whats not to like … and the bottom one is from Hawaii

Top right and bottom

Top left from The Fabulous Weird Trotters 

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cliff top Yuccas


So Yucca plants like a hot arid landscape and can normally be found in warm climates and desert-like conditions (after all the flower is the state flower of New Mexico) but has adapted to coastal sands and mountains. Which is why, I suppose, there are some to be found on the inhospitable cliffs of Whitsand Bay. What is doubly interesting is that the flowers come and go over the summer but as we had a late season this year continuing into a mild autumn these Yuccas above gave us a late showing. The photograph in the top left was taken in what looks like the height of summer but was actually at the beginning of October with the other two pics being taken a couple of weekends ago. It lends a tropical air to the cliffs don’t you think?

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Hawaiian themed chalet gifts 2

The patchwork quilt was sent by Hawaii based friends ( and blog readers) when our son was born, its a cot blanket and I was loathe to pass it on when we no longer needed it. Our son is 18 now and I have always wanted to up cycle the quilt but never got around to it. I am thinking I will create something with it for the chalet, so watch this space… The Carlton Ware pineapples were a gift from my friend and festival buddy. On my first trip to Hawaii with him indoors one of our highlights was a trip around the Dole Pineapple canning factory…no seriously! Unfortunately it has since gone and the Hawaiian pineapple experience is now out in the fields where they are grown, with a theme park vibe. I loved the retro feel to the old factory with vintage canned pineapple signs and ephemera. So these pineapples are an addition to our tropical themed cabin. I need to make some pineapple jam or marmalade for the pot I reckon.

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beach sculptures

…found on a beach walk at the end of October!!!!




natural sculptures, cairns and poetry, all on the delicate rose coloured rocks that are found on the beaches along Whitsand Bay.

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Hawaiian themed chalet gifts 1


One of our summer gifts was this, All About Hawaii, a 1936 Standard Guide book with intricately folded pull out maps on a kind of greaseproof paper. It’s immaculate. We won’t be using it when we next travel to the islands [even though flicking through not a lot has changed over the years, apart from more big name shops and hotels] but its a valued addition to our Hawaiian theme within the chalet… and the adverts are a wonderful archive of 1930s Hawaii. Below are some of our Hawaiian inspired gifts that have made their way into the chalet.


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Cabin envy for book lovers



A guest house cabin kitted out with 1,000 books in up state New York, called “Hemmelig Rom,” which means “Secret Room” in Norwegian.  One room; a wood burning stove; sheepskins and 1000 books…nice.  You can see more at the Huffington Post  here


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Our View

Our very good friend came over from the U.S and stayed in the chalet, fortunately the weather was indian summer like so he almost felt at home [he lives in Hawaii]. He enjoys making art on his iPhone while he’s on the go and made this as he sat and looked at the view.

Processed with Snapseed.

Image by Vincent Green.

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