Daffodil Weekend

Cornwall is renowned for its daffodils and in the fields around Anthony the pickers are out in force. Historically the boundary between Cornwall and Devon had many varieties of the flower which used to be sent down to Covent Garden by train. This weekend it’s daffodil weekend at Cotehele House on the Cornwall border and as the daffodil is such a visual herald of Spring it’s a shame this weekend we have another bout of wintery weather arriving with snow forecast. But, not only do Cotehele have their daffodils shown in situ but they have also created an internal arch of daffodils using all their 250 varieties to hand. Here’s a picture of one of the gardeners doing final touches to last years archway.


Credit Steven Haywood


The event is free, although normal entry fees to Cotehele apply. Open from 11-4pm this Saturday and Sunday

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Cabin Envy sauna

Look at this cabin masquerading as a sauna, it’s part of a boutique hotel in the Alto Adige in Northern Italy that has everything you could want for a spa break if you had limitless cash to spend.


The entire hotel has amazing views from the bedrooms, restaurant, infinity pool, relaxation room and, of course, the sauna. From 224 -336 euros a night it may be just out of some people’s leagues but look at the photos on their website  or read about it here and then dream some. The area was apparently a location from the James Bond film ‘The Spy who Loved Me’ where Roger Moore is shot at whilst skiing down some impressive mountains.

“in this idyll on 1,230 meters above sea level – you will find a kingdom of peace. An oasis of natural beauty. A haven of relaxation. And all with the spectacular view over the Etsch Valley and the Vigiljoch”. Source

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Snow on the cliff


Photo Melanie Davies

March 1st heralds the first day of spring and Cornwall is set for a blizzard in the form of Storm Emma later today, in fact the Met office have issued a red snow warning which is the one that says a risk to life… most peeps are staying put. The snow started yesterday and my neighbour took some fantastic shots of the field at the front. Because we access the chalet via a Cornish back lane the width of one car it is not deemed a ‘grittable’ road and we have to hope the farmers may come down with the tractors and help clear it.

The Cliff Top Cafe posted this photo below saying they had been watching a pod of dolphins swimming in the bay through a flurry of snowflakes, I can certainly think of worse things to be doing whilst stuck on the cliff.

Stay warm folks…


Source Cliff Top Cafe Facebook page

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pebble alphabet

I love this, I came across it on twitter and wanted to share, collected and presented by Clotilde Olyff.

Clotilde Olyff.

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Cabin Envy Paradise Cove


To some Paradise Cove will not be a surprise but, like the area here in Cornwall, up until a few years back it was a well kept secret; not so much these days. In a recent visit to California we took our rental car and headed up the Pacific Coast Highway making the decision that after an hour we would stop for breakfast. I had read about Paradise Cove, with a trailer park that was the anthesis of what we think American trailer parks are, one that had attracted people whose life/work balance was a healthy alternative to those who got up, commuted, worked, commuted, and slept. People who were drawn to the sea, to a place where, in the 50s and 60s there had been a film star image of somewhere that was used for iconic TV series and films. I fancied checking it out.

We had set off early and around fifty minutes on the road we saw the Paradise Cove sign and came off to have a nosy. The road led us directly to a parking lot, rather than the one for residents only, with a hefty $35 parking charge that almost deterred us until the small print said the charge was far less if we got our ticket validated by the Paradise Cove restaurant. We headed in… to a retro diner filled ceiling to floor with black and white photos of the cove depicting a time when fishing, whaling, filming and finally surfing were its main attractions. Also like this part of Cornwall, the cabins were originally used by fisherman as an overnight place to stay whilst waiting for the catch and, over time, the place got used by lifeguards and surfers. This was visually filed away on the walls of the dining rooms, rooms which spilled out onto the beach under large marquees.

It was Shrove Tuesday and in the UK we would celebrate with pancakes so we opted for a Paddlers Breakfast supposedly for surfers coming back with a hefty appetite but we just had the appetite. It came with 3 eggs how you like them, bacon, sausage, breakfast potatoes plus two buttermilk pancakes on the side with butter and maple syrup. A pot of freshly brewed coffee was left on the table which made him indoors very happy.

After wading through the huge portions we had to walk the beach to help digestion but also to check out some of the mega million dollar beach homes along the way. These are what people expect when you mention Malibu, eye watering prices for homes that are insanely huge and, well, insanely distasteful. Like this …


Last time this cruise liner home was on the market it was a mere $27million, and look at it, its built on sand for gods sake.  Some of the mansions up on the road above have walkways down to the beach, some even have beach cabins – much more my style. [I think there’s a hot tub on the right hand side and a roof terrace on the middle cabin].


Some are smaller and have a quainter style to them and ingenious ways of storing the boards.


but when it comes down to it I would rather have a smaller cabin in the trailer park that’s built on, oh I don’t know…land!!


here’s the beach cafe seen from the small pier and you can see on the cliffs above a couple of cabins which are much more my kind of thing.

What I don’t know because we always go out of season, is the buzz at the height of the summer, some say it’s lost its hidden magic, some still think it’s the best but friends tell me you have to get there early for a parking spot and it’s difficult to get a table in the cafe at certain times. A read of trip advisor gives differing views. All I can say is at 8am on a February morning we had the beach to ourselves, there was a smattering of diners in the restaurant and it felt like we had chanced on something out of the way. Looking at the photographs it made you a little envious of those people in the 1960s who were lucky to be part of the film crews in the cove, or the first lot of trailer owners who kept the cove a secret so they could keep the place to themselves.



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Helen Round at Mount Edgecombe



The cushion above is a favourite view of mine, it depicts Rame Head, which is at the eastern tip of Whitsand bay and can be seen from the back of the chalet. I bought it locally, at the studio of Helen Round in Millbrook our closet village and there’s a whole range of items with Rame Head on including mugs, bags and tea towels and I’ll let you into a secret, mine is a tea towel that I turned into a cushion cover – it was far too nice to use for drying up. Helen’s work can also be found at The Upcycled Home, a shop in the stables at Mount Edgecumbe but I hear that she will have her own enterprise there from March 3rd. To welcome Helen to Mount Edgecumbe the Upcyled Home are giving away a set of her linen napkins, all you have to do is post a comment on their Facebook page here for a chance to win.

Helen Round, The Barrow Centre, [opposite the Blacksmith’s Forge], Mount Edgecumbe Country Park, Cremyll, Cornwall from March 3rd.



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Free water refills at the Cliff Top Cafe



The Cliff Top Cafe on Treganhawke cliff at Whitsand Bay offers free water refills and has put it out on it’s Facebook page. They are one of 1600 refill stations in the UK, check the rest out here on Refill UK, so wherever you are in the country you can look out for these refill stations.  The Refill Cornwall facebook page is here 


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