Beatle art

So on Plymouth Hoe there is an unusual artwork that for many coming across it would need some explanation. 50 years ago this year the Beatles were in Plymouth whilst they were making their Magical Mystery Tour and they posed for a photograph on the Plymouth seafront.


This photograph by David Redfern has become quite iconic for the city and now you can sit in the very same spot with your friends and re create the picture. The copper moulds are made by Cornish company Thrussells and there’s a hashtag #beatlebums for those who want to share their recreated pics on social media.



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Spring has finally sprung and we are starting to get the lingering sunsets that will hopefully carry on right through the summer. Plus the gorse is out on the cliffs and the daffodils are blooming in the fields around the Anthony estate and everything has a sunny glow to it. On the allotment I picked some rhubarb to thin out the growth and I chopped a couple of stalks up into a jar with some sugar and vodka. I will only keep this for a month or six weeks and then siphon off. It creates a wonderful fruit liqueur pale pink in colour and, with tonic, makes a lovely drink that can be sipped while appreciating the sunsets on the chalet deck.


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We often have sheep in the field in front of us – the one that gives our chalet it’s name – and the field actually wraps around the front and back. The sheep tend to spend the morning in the back field and then head round to the front in the afternoon and this makes perfect sense as its the way the sun goes. We have sunrise in the back and sunset in the front so we get to see the wondrous sunsets head on. Last week on leaving in the morning we noticed the sheep all in a line, well pretty much a line, maybe a few sheep deep but they were still spreading themselves across the field and not in their usual random settings.

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Take 3

I know about Martin Dorey because we have his Camper Van Cookbook  unfortunately  we don’t have a camper van, (although one would very cool parked up alongside the chalet), but his recipes are great for camping (obviously) and for picnics on the beach. But, apart from all things camper van he also writes articles for Coast and last month he wrote about his project called the 2 Minute Beach Clean. It’s as simple as making sure you pick 2 items of rubbish up off the beach when you visit plus on June 11th this year its the second 2 Minute Beach Clean day. And the hash tag has gone global the Instagram account has thousands of posts and even more followers.

Here’s a list of what Martin says you should do

  • Collect litter whenever you go to the beach
  • Set a challenge for kids to find 10 bottle tops, or a lone flip flop*
  • Go to the website to get your own #2minutebeachclean board to support the cause
  • Recycle wherever possible and reuse
  • Make conscious decisions to buy products with less packaging.

“Join us again on the 11th June 2017 for our second annual #2minutbeachclean day.All we ask is that you pick up some litter at some point on the 11th June. That’s it. If you feel like posting it to social media then please do (as we can see it and thank you for the work you have done), but if not, it’s no biggie. The important thing is that you get involved”.

The problem on the eastern end of Whitsand Bay here is lack of rubbish bins, you take your bags down to the beach for a picnic and they have to go back up with you and people don’t return their stuff. The closest #2minutebeachclean station on Whitsand Bay (where you can put your picked up litter and plastic bags) is Portwrinkle on the western end, where the car park is closer to the beach.


There’s also an Australian initiative (where the above image is from) called Take 3 which encourages people to pick up three pieces of rubbish when they visit the beach. The same principle and the same message. Take your own rubbish home plus an extra two…or three pieces.

or… take a carrier bag, fill it, take it home and put it in your recycling.

*we have a selection of lone flip flops that we’ve collected over the years, not sure why we’ve kept them…maybe we thought if we waited long enough we’d find the pair!!!


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Cabin envy warmth

Check out these cabins…they make me think of warmer climates and journeys to California especially and right now… that’s much needed. The pic on the right reminds me of an open garden we chanced upon last year on holiday in Los Angeles, where the owners had re planted the yard with drought loving plants.  Although the picture above doesn’t even show the garden I feel as if there are grasses and succulents surrounding the porch and decking. There’s a laid back vibe with the surfboard and washing line and the soft hazy sun, and miles away from the damp grey February we are experiencing here. Image from

The second pic on the left has a cleaner and colder vibe because of the grey corrugated iron walls I suppose, but don’t get me wrong I love this too and would be perfectly happy to spend time on that deck. Pic by Heidi Lender

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Plastic Pollution


When I was a kid I used to take the empty pop bottles back to the shop and I was allowed to keep the deposit but, more importantly, it was a way to recycle the bottles. I have no idea why that stopped in the U.K (there are deposit schemes in Europe, America and Australia) except that glass gave way to plastic and suddenly we became a throw away society. Now we are seeing the results of that as plastic is fast becoming a pollutant and is killing our oceans. Marine conservation charity Surfers Against Sewage are campaigning to bring back the bottle deposits on all plastic and glass bottles and cans. They say  that in the UK we use 38.5 million single-use plastic bottles and 58 million cans every day! Only half of these get recycled, and many end up on our beaches and in our oceans. By bringing back a bottle deposit scheme we can reduce littering beaches all of which gets washed into the sea, and recycling can be more energy efficient than making new containers. So isn’t it a no brainer? Surfers Against Sewage have started a 38 Degrees petition to collect signatures so they can take them to all the governments in the U.K.

Please add your signature to the petitions, it only takes a minute. Here’s the link 

To find out more about a deposit return system click here

To get more information and learn all about bottles in the marine environment click here

Last year I posted about dead areas of the Pacific ocean and the message was that if something was done now and 30% of the oceans were conserved, we could start to regenerate the rest. Surely the bottle deposit scheme is another small step and we have the example of the plastic bag charge which has vastly reduced the use of throw away bags.

For those of you who missed the link to the petition above here it is in full below.

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February skies


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From dawn til dusk… friend, colleague and teenage son’s godfather was staying at the chalet last weekend, he captured some wonderful skies on his camera in the 48 hours he was there.

All photos by Mark Pinkosh

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