Flower Power


Over the last week we have enjoyed the longer days and taken evening walks around the cliff and its been great to see all the flowers; from the camomile which has taken over the daffodil fields, the ox eyed daisies and wild flowers in the fields around the chalet and my neighbours incredible show of poppies. It seems like poppies have had a good season all round, I am seeing them all over the place and not just because they’re prolific self seeders but they’ve really flowered well this year.

camomile taking over the daffodil field

Just over a week ago on midsummers day him indoors and I went along to the Cornish vineyard Camel Valley, it’s only fifty minutes away from us and we’ve said for ages we wanted to go, when we drive past we always say ‘we should visit one day’. So, someone had a birthday and it felt like a perfect thing to do to celebrate. The weather was touch and go, as the days leading up had been wet and the vineyard tours happen whatever the weather. You want it to be fine though, especially when you’re sipping your ‘after tour’ glass of wine on the terrace overlooking the vines and these wines are awarding winning, the first English wines with a Royal warrant. We’ve bought the sparkling rose before,[clears her throat] when it was on special offer [usual ploy] so it was great to see where, and how, it is produced. I am not going to go through the ins and outs of the wine production now – you can take the tour yourselves, it takes place every day and Duncan is far better at doing it than I ever could be, plus …I may need a brief reminder to remember the finer points!!!

Plymouth Performance

Later next month on the 24/25th July I will be performing my new show in the Lab at the Theatre Royal Plymouth. It is a black box of a space and very intimate, which is perfect for the show. The Secret Listener looks at the hidden work of voluntary interceptors during WW2 and in particular a woman called Olive Myler who lived in North Devon and was one of 1,500 voluntary interceptors during the war. She would listen in to specific German radio frequencies for coded messages and other sounds.  She was a mysterious character and it is this aspect that the performance dwells on. The stories of Olive have been passed down aurally, so there’s a Chinese whisper effect in the telling, creating potential for drama. I have been developing a sound design to accompany the text with Ed Jobling from Forkbeard Fantasy and Derek Frood, my Plymouth based collaborator.

The Secret Listener Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th at 8pm Theatre Royal Plymouth

About Ruth

I am an actor and theatre maker, I moved down to the SW of England 19 years ago with my partner and son. Five years ago we bought a chalet on the Rame Peninsula and are fully embracing life of the cliff.
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  1. Jody says:

    Sounds like such a wonderful show! A very interesting subject.

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