Cabin Envy Great Lakes Cabin


Here is a cabin that is a flat pack inspired by Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of Ikea. It’s called the Great Lakes Cabin and has been designed by Leckie Studio for the Backwater Hut Company and will be featured at the 2019 Toronto Interior Design Show. 


What a thing of beauty, mind you the thought of erecting it sends shivers down my spine, I would find it hard enough to put together a Billy bookcase or an Ikea kitchen never mind a whole building. The assembly is supposed to be done as in traditional barn raising techniques which calls to mind that amazing scene in the film Witness where the Amish community build the barn together raising it in, what seems like minutes. That’s the power of film of course the reality could/would take much longer. The upside of all this is that the cabin can be built in remote areas with minimum environmental impact and I just love the colour of the trees in this setting and the reflection in the water below.

More information and image source from Design Boom 




About Ruth

I am an actor and theatre maker, I moved down to the SW of England 19 years ago with my partner and son. Five years ago we bought a chalet on the Rame Peninsula and are fully embracing life of the cliff.
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2 Responses to Cabin Envy Great Lakes Cabin

  1. ROZ SYMON says:

    Top one, please, definitely!!

    Oh…… dreams……

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