The little things at Port Elliot


At this year’s Port Elliot Festival my eye was taken not so much by the usual and familiar vistas of the grounds and festival but by the unexpected and hidden places. On arriving we came across this gypsy caravan [which wasn’t very hidden but most certainly unexpected] with a beautiful interior all matching the colours of the outside; one tiny bed and stove and apparently big enough to be pulled by one small pony. Similar caravans were for sale and we noted they were cheaper than most cars!! I think one would look very nice parked alongside the chalet as an extra bedroom for guests. Following signs for a Noel Fielding watercolour exhibition we were led down underneath the front lawn and into the cellars of the house, where we entered the servants rooms- the carpenters room, the lamp room and finally, best of all the room that held three very large sherry casks, and when I say large that’s 468 gallons of sherry large!! Festival buddy Sam said she understood now what drowning in a butt of Malmsey meant. I loved the passage way into the house, that was partially lit by daylight coming through the grills above and the path that was made up of the oldest [dampest] cobbles. I equally loved the gardens and borders and took a photograph of a plant I liked which I then had identified by the Higgledy Gardener [it was a Cerinthe], so, we bought up packets of seeds to replicate the borders… hmm yes, I will keep you updated with that! As we walked around the gardens the produce that was growing looked so luscious even in the little garden of the bric a brac shop at the estate entrance. Finally I saw my favourite cabin website in book form on the shelves of the book tent amongst lots of other goodies, the temptation of which we just had to walk away from.


About Ruth

I am an actor and theatre maker, I moved down to the SW of England 19 years ago with my partner and son. Five years ago we bought a chalet on the Rame Peninsula and are fully embracing life of the cliff.
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