the way down

Having not seen any storm damage for ourselves but hearing of it second hand we thought we would venture out and check for ourselves especially as there was an article about a uncovered wreck at Freathy beach. We had been told that the path onto the beach had been damaged so we would have to pick our way gently. The paths to the beach are usually pretty much like this below, worn earth with wooden risers.


When we reached the lifeguard hut there was a notice that the path to the beach was dangerous. Work to repair had already been started by cutting into the cliff face away from the edge to make a wider path.


This was how it looked on the way down but it wasn’t until you looked back you saw that constant battering of waves had taken away the earth from underneath the stone steps.



Early last year when there were landslides and part of the cliff path collapsed the council said it would be repaired by July 2013. Many people were sceptical, and rightly so as nothing has been done to repair it, maybe partly because locals found another route down clearing the undergrowth and making good the stairs.

Next Saturday volunteers are heading down to try to fix the path so that the beach is accessible for the start of the season, that is the Easter holidays. There will also be a new lifeguard hut arriving which I personally have mixed feelings about as I was always fond of the old green hut.


We didn’t see the wreck, as the tide was not in our favour, we will have to wait for a low tide to see. Watch this space!



About Ruth

I am an actor and theatre maker, I moved down to the SW of England 19 years ago with my partner and son. Five years ago we bought a chalet on the Rame Peninsula and are fully embracing life of the cliff.
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3 Responses to the way down

  1. Jody says:

    Maybe you could purchase the old lifeguard hut and have your very own Cabin Envy shelter!

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