Blackberry season

It has been a fantastic year for blackberries, obviously a monsoon like spring followed by a rather good early summer is what they like and has resulted in many berries and some pretty good sizes.


Him indoors and I took our plastic containers and wandered down the cliff where the best examples are (always) just out of reach but we collected around three pounds of them, enough for six jars of jam, plus a tub of sloes to steep in gin (Plymouth, of course).


A quick note to let you know life on a Cornish cliff will be a little quiet, as I head to Bristol for a couple of weeks (for this), stay tuned for when I return at the end of September.

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I picked these from my neighbours chalet garden. The colours are fantastic and even though they are fading they change shades as they do so. I put them in this vase of my grandmothers and realised that the hand painted colours totally enhance the flowers. It is sitting on the table at Sea Field View giving a slight autumnal feel to the room at the end of the summer holiday season.


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Bank holiday weather

After weeks of glorious weather and chalet summer lets we get the place to ourselves for the August bank holiday and… the weather changes for the worse…the law of sod I believe it’s called. In the afternoon during a dry period we went out for a walk along the South West Coastal path and took a photo of the cabins on the cliff at Freathy. If you peer close enough you will see the beloved lifeguard hut at the tip of the cliff on the right.


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blatant advertising

This has been around for a few weeks, I wanted to share it about a month ago but I have only just worked out how to embed it into the blog!! Some of you therefore will have seen it but for the Sea Field View followers further afield this will give you a visual insight of the cliff. And to those who have been here this year it will be a nice reminder of your holidays, maybe even spur you on to book for next year, we have started to take 2015 bookings.

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summer fete

At the weekend we attended the Freathy Summer Fete, an old fashioned affair with stalls, tombola, raffles and an auction. Cream teas at a ridiculous price (low that is) and chocolate cakes thick with ganache.



yes you could say there was a real swallows and amazons feel about it.



and the raffle draw for the fresh seabass is always eagerly awaited, all proceeds going to the RNLI. We didn’t win!

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cabin envy shed of the year

last year I posted the winner of the 2013 shed of the year as a cabin envy post. This year we can see the finalists and their sheds on the Channel 4 programme George Clarkes Amazing Spaces. Last week they showed the eco group which had a particular favourite of mine…


the Pool Hoose was built out of found materials including the glass which the builder saw whilst out on a bike ride. It is now a garden studio and you can get more information and a tour if you watch here

The eventual winner was this inner city garden shed that is half art studio, half recording studio with an allotment roof. Solar powered with butts to collect rain water the shed was built with offcuts and recycled windows, how cool is that.


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the shutters are off

We headed down to the beach and as we approached I started to get very excited because I saw this…


and then this


and yes, you may be thinking that I am starting to get excited about seeing the life guards in their wet suited beauty …but, you would be mistaken. Regular readers may have an inkling of what is to come, but I will give you another visual clue. Here it is from a distance…


Yes, of course, it’s the lifeguard HUT not the lifeguards I am hankering to see. The last time I posted a pic it was still boarded up, albeit brand new. Now it’s open and ready for business.


The shutters are off and just look at that window… what a fab view they will get from there.


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