cabin envy shed of the year

last year I posted the winner of the 2013 shed of the year as a cabin envy post. This year we can see the finalists and their sheds on the Channel 4 programme George Clarkes Amazing Spaces. Last week they showed the eco group which had a particular favourite of mine…


the Pool Hoose was built out of found materials including the glass which the builder saw whilst out on a bike ride. It is now a garden studio and you can get more information and a tour if you watch here

The eventual winner was this inner city garden shed that is half art studio, half recording studio with an allotment roof. Solar powered with butts to collect rain water the shed was built with offcuts and recycled windows, how cool is that.


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the shutters are off

We headed down to the beach and as we approached I started to get very excited because I saw this…


and then this


and yes, you may be thinking that I am starting to get excited about seeing the life guards in their wet suited beauty …but, you would be mistaken. Regular readers may have an inkling of what is to come, but I will give you another visual clue. Here it is from a distance…


Yes, of course, it’s the lifeguard HUT not the lifeguards I am hankering to see. The last time I posted a pic it was still boarded up, albeit brand new. Now it’s open and ready for business.


The shutters are off and just look at that window… what a fab view they will get from there.


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Schools Out

Schools break up today for the start of the summer holidays and as per usual we have had a stonking June weather wise and, even though it’s extremely hot in England at the moment, we have had 24 hours of storms and rain. In the past we have often had a superb month before the school holidays followed by indifferent weather.

Next week sees the start of our summer chalet guests arriving so, in anticipation and keeping all fingers crossed I am going to post some photos from last year to get them all in the mood.


Whitsand Bay is accessed by numerous cliff paths


At low tide you can walk for miles along the bay, or if you feel inclined, along the South West Coast path to Rame Head (above) and then on to the smugglers villages of Kingsand and Cawsand.


after a long day walking, swimming and eating you can watch the sun set over the bay from the chalet deck!

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cabin envy 25

I thought I might share some small but rather lush cabins with you, found whilst trawling through Cabinology on Tumblr. A bottle of wine, a book and a boat is all that’s needed, in that order. Some weekend dreaming for you.


Lavato Con Pirlana



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LP art

Him indoors is an avid collector and loves rooting around in charity shops and car boot sales. When we go to the U.S our favourite weekend activity is looking for yard sales and we’ve brought home quite a few knick knacks that way. The other day the postman rang the bell and delivered a parcel which turned out to be two frames for LP covers. When I asked him indoors what was going in them he produced two LPs that he had found on one of his trips closer to home, 50p each.



In England Music for Pleasure (mfp) and Hallmark were cheap 1970s cover versions, which all adds to the general cheesiness.


I’ve placed the one above in the chalet kitchen to make a corner of tropical sunshine. Pau!


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Log Cabin day



Yesterday was Log Cabin day, I kid you not, it falls on the last Sunday of June and has done ever since 1986. It was started by the Bad Axe Historical society in Huron County, Bad Axe being the name of a city that celebrated its centinery in 2005. Bad Axe also has the largest collection of restored log buildings in Michigan.

The photograph above is of Birch Meadow luxury log cabins on I chose that image because it sums up my idea of what a log cabin should be. You may beg to differ!

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A Cuttlefish pool


Noticed this on the cliff the other day, someone was using it to take provisions up and down. I like the notion of a cuttlefish pool!

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